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Do you already have hearing aids?

If so, we would love to welcome you to our clinic.


No matter where you got your hearing aids, we'd be happy to clean and check them at no charge. 


If you require adjustments or repairs, we will check your warranty and do our best to help get you back to better hearing; it's our only priority!

Phonak Behind the Ear Hearing Aid
Oticon custom hearing aid
Oticon Invisible Custom Velox Right
Phonak Lumity Hearing Aids
Phonak Lumity Hearing Aid


For Individuals

  • Hearing tests & examinations

  • Hearing aid consultation, service, and repair

  • Tinnitus counselling

  • Aural rehabilitation counselling

  • Physician-requested hearing tests

  • Specialty earmolds for sleeping, swimming, noise protection, earphones, and more!

Third-Party Funding

  • Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL)

  • Alberta Workers Compensation (WCB-AB)

  • Non-Insured Health Benefits (NHIB)

  • Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

  • Private medical or insurance financing

Business & Professional

  • Industrial hearing tests for WCB compliance

  • Pre-employment screening hearing tests

  • Custom hearing protection

  • Standard hearing protection

  • Hearing preservation counselling​

Available In-Clinic

  • High-quality hearing aid batteries

  • Assistive listening devices

  • Hearing aid accessories and cleaning tools

  • Tinnitus masking devices

  • Ear health products

  • Standard hearing protection

Free Hearing Tests

We don't want a costly hearing test to be a barrier to hearing health, so we offer free hearing assessments for all. Click the button below to book an appointment, or call or email us to reserve your time. Our clinic is happy to see adult patients aged 18 and over, and conditions apply.

Your appointment will take 30-60 minutes. We will assess your hearing abilities in various situations, including tests that help us understand how you hear in groups and background noise.

After the tests, your clinician will discuss the results. We will explain what the tests showed and make recommendations for preserving your hearing health. We will discuss your options if you have a hearing loss requiring medical attention. 

Ear Exam

Hearing Aid Consultation


We love hearing aid technology, but we don't expect it to be love at first sight for you! We promise to make the process simple and enjoyable and ensure that you are hearing the sounds of life comfortably. 


We will recommend specific hearing aids for you and your hearing loss. This includes the physical shape and type, the components that fit into your ear canal, and the programming and personalization of the electronics inside.​ You'll be able to try them without obligation for a full 30 days, and we'll give you all the tools you need to fall in love with them. Learn more about hearing aid technology and our fully inclusive packages below. 

Hearing Aid Services


Your hearing aids need regular maintenance check-ups and cleaning every six months and often require adjustment or repairs. Our clinic is here to ensure they are always working well; simply get in touch whenever you need us.

Our services include hearing aid repairs, earmold replacement or repair, and handling loss and damage claims. We welcome clients from any clinic; it doesn't matter where you bought your hearing aids. Contact us to schedule a maintenance check-up or repair.


It doesn't matter where or how you bought your hearing aids; it is up to you to choose where your file stays, and we certainly would love to see you at North Star Hearing.

Image by Shane Aldendorff
Image by Benjamin Wedemeyer

Industrial Services


We are Audiometric Technician certified and can complete industrial hearing tests for workers, pre-employment screening, and requests you may have from Workers Compensation of Alberta.


We can see multiple parties at once, in shifts, or whenever your schedule requires it. We may also be able to test in your place of work and minimize downtime.

NSH also creates custom hearing protection that increases worker compliance due to its comfortable fit. We also have the ability to create specialty earmolds for specific tasks and have worked with the RCMP and the City of Grande Prairie Fire Department to create customized solutions.

For information about large group testing and pricing, please contact us for a personalized quote.


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