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Hearing Aids are AMAZING

Spend a few minutes with us, and you'll understand why we love hearing aids and hearing aid technology. We have watched it transform our patients' lives in the most wonderful ways. Whether you want to hear your grandkids better, miss the way music used to sound, miss out on conversations, or even can't hear your television like you used to, these small aspects add up to big changes.

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Our Hearing Aid Packages

Our packages are worry-free and come with everything you need to wear, take care of, and enjoy your hearing aids. We include the batteries, maintenance supplies, and accessories (like remote controls or TV adapters) that you can choose from. 

We offer a minimum of 30 days to make sure you LOVE your new purchase. We'll find something that works or refund your money if we can't.

Finally, you'll receive a full three years of warranty coverage that covers all repairs and two years of coverage that covers replacement if needed. Your investment is protected, and you can come and see us anytime for an appointment. Even your 6-month clean and checks are included!

All of our hearing aids include:

  • An extensive warranty program with full hearing aid coverage

  • Complimentary batteries

  • Complimentary hearing aid care kit

  • Complimentary hearing aid accessories

  • Complimentary hearing aid clean & checks

  • Complimentary service appointments


Common Concerns

Worried about what they'll look like?

We have gorgeous jewel and skin tone colours available, or we can help you find a nearly invisible hearing aid. 

Worried about looking old with them on?

Nodding in agreement to a conversation you can't understand or feeling isolated in social situations is likely worse.  Most even come with Bluetooth so that you can hear your TV or phone better!

Worried about the cost?

We guarantee the lowest prices on the highest quality technology in Northern Alberta. We offer various options and prices and work with all major hearing aid companies. Plus, did you know that Albertans over the age of 65 are eligible for hearing aid coverage from the government? We can tell you how much.

Feel like you can wait until your hearing gets "really bad"?

The neural pathways of the brain and auditory system are important to healthy aging. No matter the severity of hearing loss, taking steps to correct hearing loss sooner than later helps to keep these pathways active and prevent atrophy in the auditory system.


We even have research to support that correcting hearing loss can help fight early-onset dementia and Alzheimer's (Bucholc et al., 2021)They can even reduce your risk of falling! Check out the latest large-population research study from the National Library of Medicine publication here.


Bucholc, M., McClean, P. L., Bauermeister, S., Todd, S., Ding, X., Ye, Q., Wang, D., Huang, W., & Maguire, L. P. (2021). Association of the use of hearing aids with the conversion from mild cognitive impairment to dementia and progression of dementia: A longitudinal retrospective study. Alzheimer's & dementia (New York, N. Y.), 7(1), e12122.


We work with all medical hearing aid companies in Canada and with all types of hearing aids. We'll recommend what is best for your hearing loss, but we will outline your options - and we promise to keep it simple and easy!

No matter where you bought your hearing aids or how they were paid for, if you have hearing aids from any other company, feel free to bring them to us for a complimentary cleaning and sound check.


Our only priority is ensuring that you can hear.

Choices, choices, choices...

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Hearing Tracker Industry Map 2023

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Hearing aids can provide many benefits for individuals with hearing loss. Some of the most significant benefits include:


Social Connections

Improved communication and social interactions: Hearing aids can help improve your ability to hear and understand others, making social situations and communication with friends, family, and colleagues easier and more enjoyable.


Quality of Life

Better overall quality of life: Hearing loss can have a negative impact on your overall quality of life, including your relationships, emotional well-being, and mental health. By improving your hearing, hearing aids can help you feel more engaged and connected to the world around you.



Enhanced safety: Hearing aids can help you hear important sounds, such as a smoke alarm, a car horn, or a knock at the door, which can improve your safety in various situations. Flooded sinks often happen for people with hearing loss; the sound of running water is less apparent or gone altogether, and when those sounds are absent, it's easier to forget.


Cognitive Function

Improved cognitive function: Research has shown that hearing loss can lead to cognitive decline, including memory loss and a reduced ability to process information. By treating your hearing loss with hearing aids, you may be able to prevent or slow down cognitive decline.


Physical Health

Better physical health: Hearing loss has been linked to a number of physical health problems, including an increased risk of falls and other accidents, as well as depression and anxiety. By improving your hearing with hearing aids, you may be able to reduce your risk of these and other health problems.

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